Every step you take

Towards any direction…

Is shaping your future experience altogether. I'll get straight to the point, so brace yourself and visualize this with me:

Imagine you are in a black room, like in a 90’s video game. You can see yourself, your arms, your hands, your body, your legs, your feet. You don't know how big or small the room is, nor can you sense the shape of it.

All you can see is yourself in that space.

You can’t see the steps you took so far (your past) - that’s important of course, but as they say “it’s a thing of the past”.

You can ONLY see the next step as you take it. Because, as you take it, the tile you step on appears and it gets illuminated.

It literally illuminates as you put your weight on it.

You create that tile. It didn’t exist before.

As you step on it you can only see the outline of the tile, but at the same time you can literally take a step in ANY direction. Why? Because it did not exist before!

You made it happen!!

This is how much power you hold. How much power your choices hold. How much every step you take - in ANY direction - can shape your present and future experience as a whole.

The past is done - You can't do much with it as it has already happened. The present is what’s active, alive, breathing. And the present, your steps in life, as you take them, are shaping the future steps and your future experience.

And the present is the past of the future.

That being said - with a small shout-out to the overthinkers like myself - you don't have to have the whole journey mapped out! First of all, that's impossible (go on, I dare you to challenge that), and secondly no matter how well planned everything may be in your head, life can reallyyy throw you off your course. Not necessarily in a bad way, it just can. For example, you might have thought that you knew where you stand in life, in love, at work, but suddenly someting truly unexpected happens and you now got to question your whole universe.

So, overthinking won't serve you in this scenario (but let's be honest: does it ever serve you?)

Moral of the story, or juice of this post is this:

You can step towards ANY direction at ANY time AND you don't have to have everything figured out as you take that one step.

Just take that one step.

(Excuse the bold statement, if you feel that this or anything doesn't fully apply to you that's ok - this is for YOU to elaborate on & perhaps reach out to me to brainstorm together. I'd love that!)

So, what are you going to do with your steps from now on?

Give them over to stress & worry?


Smile at the endless possibilities that you are the creator of?

Remember, in your life you are the actor & the scriptwriter too. Time for a plot twist you say?

Whatever you choose to do I peek from the corner of the room with a big smile on my face...

From me to you, with love & neon lights.

Pam xx

P.S. This piece was originally written on 26/11/2021 and it had to simmer patiently until today (a Sunday of all days) because some things take time. I added some stuff today as I was getting ready to send it out to the world because that's what my Sunday experience led me to do. As I decided to truly put myself in that cool 90's style game, I realised I'm the main (and only) player. And so are YOU.

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