Online Pilates & Movement

Pilates taught me that movement is a deeply personal experience. One size doesn't fit all. Each person is different and how they connect to the structure of an exercise will be unique.

As a teacher I had the privilege to embark and continue my journey under some of the best names in the field of movement science, such as Alan Herdman, Cara Reeser, Shari Berkowitz, Madeline Black, Elizabeth Larkam and others. With the guidance of those amazing experts I shaped my own teaching voice. The  result is a fresh approach to movement, enriched with an array of modifications, pre-Pilates exercises and extensive imagery to enhance the experience whilst maintaining a deep respect and understanding of the classical Pilates repertoire and it's significance. Functionality and ease of movement are in the core of my teaching and is constantly expanded through regular workshops and seminars.

My classes are based, but not restricted to the Pilates method, and involve functional, intuitive and organic movement, flow, rehabilitation exercises as wel as dynamic stretching and strengthening protocols.