I do this work because I truly, madly, deeply believe ...

  • In you!

  • In your power and I am here to help you get it back.

  • In stress-free living, full of possibilities and expansion!

  • Your whole world will change once you get rid of the chains of chronic stress.

  • You get to create the life you dream of and I want to hold your hand while you rock that.

The question is, do you believe?

With The Integrative Approach I get to help people...

  • feel less stressed

  • face challening situations with conficence and ease

  • spend less time in overwhelm and worry

  • improve their breathing

  • sleep better

  • boost their physical & mental health

  • build healthy habits

  • feel hopeful about the future

Pamela of the Integrative Approach
My journey

My story began with a scholarship in Psychology (University of Crete, Greece) and continued with an MSc in War & Psychiatry (King's College London). Volunteering in various mental health organizations and supporting children with autism and their families as an ABA therapist came next. At the same time, I started exploring different movement classes in a desire to connect with my body, release tension, and enhance my physical wellbeing. It also illuminated the powerful connection between mind and body. I practiced (and continue to) yoga, capoeira, hip-hop dance and pilates.

About Me

If you scroll down you can read about my academic and career background, getting all the information you want about what I've done over the years.

But why do I do what I do?

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Pamela Stathoulopoulou

Pilates was the key that unlocked my awareness, helping me gain strength, flexibility and control. It was only natural that I trained as a teacher (2012) under Alan Herdman. Since then many more have guided me and helped me expand my knowledge in the field of movement science.

Gradually I was drawn back to psychotherapy. Wanting to integrate my pre-existing education into one holistic and applied way of working with humans, I looked for a course that would deepen my understanding and offer me additional tools to support my clients in the best way possible. The Greek model of Integrative Psychotherapy, developed by Professor I. Nestoros, resonated deeply with me because it looks at the person as a whole and highlights the importance of exercise, nutrition and sleeping habits. It's a collaboration with the European Institute of Integrative Psychotherapy and has won the Golden Award of Academic Excellence in the 54th World Congress of Integrative Medicine (2016).


In my work I use all the skills I have gained over the years to address my clients' issues more effectively. The dynamic incorporation of mindful movement with elements of therapy protocols have been at the core of my clients' growth.