The Integrative Approach is the holistic way to self-care.

It is an expansive mind-body system that guides people overwhelmed with stress and worry towards a vibrant and joyful life. It focuses on exposing and exploring the link between physical tension and underlying psychological factors in order to reduce stress and anxiety.
The Integrative Approach is here to
alleviate stress and tension in the body and the soul.
Doesn't that sound wonderful?

{a.k.a. How do I do it?}
The power and principles of therapy are fused with movement techniques that stem from pilates and remedial protocols. These are combined with targeted breathing practices.

Why would you want to invest in yourself like this?}
Because you are tired of feeling anxious and want to take charge of your well-being, effectivelly and mindfully.
Because you are ready to do things differently.
Because you believe in possibilities and in your right to live your life without the chains of stress holding you back.
Because you know that investing in yourself and your emotional wellness holds the key to a vibrant life.

The Integrative Approach is here to help you get where you truly want to.

Ready to feel the difference?

Everyone can experience the value of The Integrative Approach. The method will benefit you more if:

  • You feel that stress has been a major component of your life for a while now.

  • You feel that stress is getting in the way of your happiness.

  • Your sleeping patterns are disturbed and you wake up exhausted.

  • You feel frustrated because of sudden changes in your usual routine.

  • Your stress levels have increased during since covid-19 showed up in our lives.

  • You experience persistent muscle tension that does not improve.

  • You find it difficult to remain calm when faced with challenging situations.

  • You feel emotionally and energetically drained for a prolonged period.

  • You are currently facing a major stressor or stressful event and need additional experrt support to guide you during this challenge.

With The Integrative Approach you will feel...

  • Empowered, because you will be able to handle stressful events with composure and conviction.

  • Full of energy, because you will be able to channel it elsewhere, and not waste it on being stressed.

  • Hopeful about what you can accomplish & what the future can bring!

  • Authentic & true to yourself, because you will have uncovered the truth behind your stress and what triggers you, so you are able to deal with it much better from now on.

  • Lighter, because stress is not wearing you down anymore.

  • Calm & reassured that you have proven tools you can rely on to handle stressful situations!

  • Safe.. Stress threatens our sense of safety, so knowing how to address it makes us feel safe again.

Do you want to:

  • Understand the culprits behind your stress so you can break free from it?

  • Be able to reduce the anxiety you feel so you can focus on what matters the most?

  • Learn proven stress relieving, mind-body techniques to self-regulate when stress becomes an issue?

  • Feel more at ease with the ever changing reality we all live in?

  • Feel able and ready to adapt when needed, regaining a sense of calm?

  • Focus on your self-care and well-being so you can be there for your loved ones?

  • Gain a sense of empowerment that will permeate every aspect of your life?

If you answered YES to any of the above then you are ready for The Integrative Approach!

How did it come to life?

The Integrative Approach was first conceptualised many years ago when I started noticing a strong link between muscular tension and emotional events within myself. Soon after, I realised that my clients experienced similar difficulties. Somatised stress was adding a considerable amount of tension and pain that worsend the pre-existing problems that my clients faced due to unhealthy postural habits, poor movement patterns and previous injuries. I decided to address this using a dynamic combination of therapy techniques and remedial movement. The results were astounding across the board. My clients improved significantly and were more at ease with themselves and life in general. That was the genesis of my method. You can explore my clients' testimonials here.

What should you expect in a session?

During our initial consultation I will gather valueable information about your personal history and will begin to identify the main triggers that underline your concerns. We will use this as a guide that will shape our future sessions. We will update and adjust this as we move through our healing work together so that it stays true to your needs. Every subsequent session will be unique and shaped around your requirements, as they shift over time. We will use a wide array of psychological and movement techniques to complement your journey and support the therapeutic experience. We will always work in a safe and non-judgmental space, filled with sensitivity and empathy, so we can discuss anything you wish to bring forward. With my in depth training and innovative method you are in expert hands to achieve your goals!

The Integrative Approach

offers a complete healing experience to those that are ready to transform their lives.