Frequently Asked


These are some of the questions I get asked a lot.

You may find the answers to yours here too!

How did The Integrative Approach come to life?

The Integrative Approach was first conceptualised many years ago when I started noticing a strong link between muscle tension and emotional events within myself. Soon after, I realised that my clients experienced similar difficulties. Somatised stress was adding a considerable amount of tension that worsened any pre-existing issues. My observations led me to use a dynamic combination of therapy techniques and remedial movements. The results were astounding across the board. My clients became more at ease with themselves and life in general. That was the birth of The Integrative Approach.
You can explore my clients' testimonials here.

What should you expect in a T.I.A.  session?

During our first session I will gather valueable information about your personal history and together we'll start identifying the main triggers that underline your concerns. We'll use this as a guide that will shape our future sessions. We'll update and adjust this as we move through the work so that it stays true to your needs. Every subsequent session will be unique and shaped around your requirements, as they evolve over time. We'll use a wide array of tools to complement your journey and support the therapeutic experience. We'll always work in a safe and non-judgmental space, filled with sensitivity and empathy, so we can discuss anything you wish to bring forward. With me by your side you are in expert hands to achieve your goals!

I am not ready/ don’t want to go into therapy.
Is The Integrative Approach therapy?

No it isn’t therapy, although I use a lot of therapy techniques in my method. There is no need to delve into your past in order to experience the work. The Integrative Approach is a comprehensive mind-body system that addresses stress in a unique way, and that’s exactly why the process is dynamic. It largely depends on who you are and what you need. That’s why I offer a free initial call to see if The Integrative Approach is for you, or whether you would benefit more from therapy or movement training instead.

I don’t want to work out & I don’t like the idea of doing pilates.
Is The Integrative Approach like a work out?

No it isn’t. In The Integrative Approach I use a vast array of different protocols from my pilates, movement & breathwork background in order to address the physical components of stress as they manifest uniquely in you. The possibilities are endless really, but it all starts with your commitment to yourself and to your own well-being. Stress is a big hurdle we all face and it takes for you to show up for yourself in order to understand, learn, overcome, and, eventually grow through The Integrative Approach.

How long will it take me to stop feeling stressed?

As much as I’d love to answer that, I can’t.

Stress and the way you respond to it is deeply personal and part of your story, so it’s simply impossible for me to predict how long it will take and give you a timeframe for that. I also happen to be against extravagant claims that aim to wow, so I let the results speak for themselves. The truth is that most people feel a difference from the first session because a lot of things become clear for them. And then we continue our fantastic work together, collaboratively. I need you to pour into this too - reciprocation of effort is key.

How can I be sure that The Integrative Approach is what I need right now?

The short answer is: You don't have to be sure!

That's why I offer a free call to give us a chance to talk. In this way, we can identify together if therapy, pilates or The Integrative Approach will benefit you more. All you need to keep in mind before we chat is that psychotherapy is talking therapy, pilates is healthy movement for you if you feel you need to re-align your body, and The Integrative Approach targets your stress both on a body level and in the mind. The rest, as with any questions, we can explore them during our call.


Can I do a trial session of The Integrative Approach? I am not sure it is for me..

I wish I could do that, but it is not possible.

The Integrative Approach is a full system that works as a whole and is shaped differently for each individual. It is not an “a la carte” or “one-off” situation, because in a trial session we wouldn’t even begin to scratch the surface. Remember, The Integrative Approach requires commitment from you; commitment to yourself and showing up to do the work. And that is never a trial run. This is another reason why I offer a free initial call, so we can understand if we are made to fit, and to answer any questions you may have. But once we start, be ready.

P.S. It’s totally ok if you are not ready. Because if you are not, the work will not happen as it should. However, if you are not ready, ask yourself….


What is holding you back really?