Individual Psychotherapy

Life is a miracle filled with a multitude of experiences that are unique to each one of us. It's full of joy, highlights, successes, but also struggles, challenges and losses. As we strive to keep going, we often avoid processing the difficult and painful events. Instead, we try to suppress and forget about them, or we end up fatigued and overwhelmed.

Our reactions to the world are deeply rooted in our early years, that play an important role in shaping our choices, morals, views and aspirations as adults.

Psychotherapy is here for everyone.

My approach to therapy takes into consideration all theories of human behaviour, whilst respecting the unique identity of each person. It brings together elements from behaviourism, Gestalt, psychodynamic, client centered, cognitive, existential, transactional, systemic and object relational models, enabling me to address any concerns using the best suited strategy for each case.

With my support you can:

  • Gain insight about yourself.

  • Improve self esteem.

  • Increase your wellbeing.

  • Uncover the hurdles that delay your growth.

  • Overcome negative and limiting beliefs.

  • Break free from past traumas.

  • Cultivate a new perspective for life.

  • Focus your energy towards achieving your dreams.

  • Become more authentic, resilient and adaptable.

  • Obtain effective tools to deal with life's challenges.

  • Address dysfunctional patterns and establish healthy ones.

  • Make better life choices that are true to your essense.


We are all a work in progress and psychotherapy is here to facilitate our growth.