Testimonials of the Integrative Approach


Mind, body and soul. Pam continues to help me with all three. Her understanding and flexibility with me in each of our sessions is something I am so grateful for!
he has gone above and beyond and has helped me in my mind and spirit too.
Pam never fails to give 101% I could not recommend her highly enough.

A. M.

Pam is an excellent therapist, she gives her clients her all.  A great listener, is understanding and gives excellent thoughts and insight. She is empathetic, reliable, and has excellent listening skills. I find the online sessions less inhibiting than having them face-to-face. I feel freer to say more. Working with Pam makes me feel reassured that I can deal with things more calmy and it is important to know that she is there for me.

K. P.

Working with Pam has made me more conscious of my own needs. After each session I walk out feeling brighter and more stable. Pam is passionate about your wellbeing and helps you to cope with the stresses in your life as well as the aches and pains.  She will create a personalised programme to help you face any problems you may have.
Grab the opportunity, you won't regret it!

Gail J.

Pam is knowledgeable, committed and efficient. I am so grateful that we continue to work online, as there is no difference with face-to-face sessions; in some ways I have found it easier. I feel so much better after each session! I am ready for the day, makes me want to do more!

M. L.

Since working with Pam my lower back pain has virtually disappeared and on the rare occasions it occurs, I have the exercises and strategies to deal with it. I am definitely much more flexible these days: I can sit cross-legged for the first time in years! I’ve also become much more aware of the physical effects of tension on the body and know who I can turn to for help. She is warm, engaging and empathetic and it has been extremely helpful working with her!

H. S.

Before I started Pilates sessions with Pamela, I couldn’t find any workout or training that would make be come back on a regular basis. I was suffering of more frequent episodes of severe back pain and stiffness. At our first meeting, Pamela did a thorough check of all my issues, which immediately gave me a glimpse into the way she would conduct her sessions. And I have not been disappointed! Pamela keeps a constant focus on each movement and shows a genuine enthusiasm for her work. I feel challenged in every session without being put through too much physical pressure thanks to the tailored exercises she offers to meet my needs. Doing Pilates with Pam is a lot of fun and has helped me overcome my reluctance to exercising while giving me confidence in my body. I can now move more freely and I feel much stronger. The online sessions are as fabulous as the face to face ones and I really enjoy this weekly “me time” with a great instructor. I cannot recommend Pamela and her deep knowledge of the body and mind highly enough!

Johanna G.

With a knee replacement pending I was forced reluctantly to Pilates and subjected myself to Pamela’s tender mercies. She soon replaced my scepticism with the firm conviction that Pilates was not only good fun but also beneficial. The transformation I have undergone is in no small measure due to Pam’s diligent supervision.
She impresses me with her knowledge and her concentration on the bits, and the means, that matter to bring about improvement. I made huge strides to prepare for and then recover from my surgery.
Encouraged by Pam I continued my sessions with her because they had become too enjoyable to give up. She has made a discernible difference not only to my strength and mobility but also, and importantly, to my general well-being. I therefore wholeheartedly commend her for her professionalism, her sensitivity and her sense of humour.

Sir Alan Ward

I've been working with Pam for five years, and in that time my own awareness of my body has totally changed - it's amazing how much you can learn from her!
With Pam, I feel extremely safe in a session, she knows exactly what my limits are and will always challenge me appropriately. I've totally fallen in love with pilates because of Pam, by far the best pilates teacher I have ever had in London.
Could not recommend her enough!

Jessica B.

Since I started working with Pamela around six years ago, my persistent lower back pain has disappeared and my body strength and flexibility have improved enormously. Pamela makes her sessions varied and interesting, explains everything clearly and is always ready to tailor exercises to specific body issues. She is warm and friendly and, with her supportive encouragement, I've achieved much more than I ever expected. And not only am I now in much better shape, I've also had a lot of fun!

Sally H.

Pam is an amazing Pilates teacher - approaching you in each class as a whole person. She asks where you are at both in your body, and in yourself, and creates from that a class that leaves you feeling energised and like you've worked at your exercises with her. Pam draws on a huge range of techniques from her experience in Pilates and dance, and adapts these to her work with you. With breathing techniques and gentle guidance, she helps you to remain present and conscious in her classes, alive to the movement in your body even as it is challenged. The integration between body and mind that Pam achieves through her approach to teaching is a true pleasure to experience.

Elizabeth M.

I am 89 years old and have known and been taught by Pamela for nearly 10 years and find her an excellent, sympathetic teacher. Working with her first, in the local pilates studio and now privately online has improved my general well being, posture and sense of balance.  The lessons are fun as well as instructive and I look forward to them each week. If you have the opportunity to be taught by her - grab it!

Jean C.

Pamela of the Integrative Approach

Sports has been my passion since childhood: tennis, skiing, riding, aerobics, etc. Unfortunately, I am hypermobile.  After I had my two children in my 30s, I could barely do anything without feeling pain in my knees and back. There were days that I had so much pain in my hips that I could hardly walk. I started working out with Pamela nearly a decade ago. She understood my condition immediately and taught me how to remedy the pain with simple exercises. Her fitness training program has varied and fun routines. They comprise of strength and balance training, core exercises, plus flexibility and stretching. Time flies, and I walk out refreshed, relaxed, and energized. She is simply the best!

Catherine R.

I have been doing Pilates with Pam for over 3 years now and I can truly say she’s a great teacher. She planned a workout specially designed to bring me up to full use of my shoulders after having surgery on them. She helped me gain full body strength by challenging me and looking after me in a wholesome way, whilst enjoying the journey.  Pam will make sure your body and soul are stronger together.

Maria G.

About six months ago I injured my knee running. Having been unable to do any form of exercise for a month whilst I recovered I started practising Pilates with Pam. Since then, not only has my knee recovered its strength but I have seen a significant increase in my overall well-being. Working in front of a computer most of the day, Pam has helped me improve my posture, given me a greater awareness of what my body needs and tools for relieving everyday pain and tension. As a result, I feel both more awake and more productive throughout the day. I would thoroughly recommend both Pilates and Pam for anybody looking to improve their health. She is a very knowledgeable teacher and sessions are tailored to meet my particular requirements.

Paul H.

My body feels stronger, more flexible and in less pain after working with Pam.
I got to understand my body so much better!

Carmen V.

Pamela has been my pilates teacher in both a small group class and an on-line class of two. In both situations she has been able to tailor her instructions to my individual needs, to address arthritic joints and early osteoporosis. She inspires real confidence in her knowledge and expertise and her classes are a delight leaving me feeling relaxed and restored.

Mary C.

I first met Pamela as part of a mixed ability group in which she did her considerable best to cater for the varying needs of the group. With lockdown in March these classes were stopped but my wife and I took the opportunity to work with Pamela on a two to one basis which has meant that we had very much more personal attention to our frailties and this has proved really beneficial to me particularly as I recover from major surgery. I feel very much more flexible than I would otherwise if exercise was limited to a daily walk. The sessions have been great fun and we both feel as though we have had a good friend in our house on a weekly basis over the past several months. I cannot recommend Pamela too highly for anyone considering using her services.

David C. A.