White Branch

Shake Off Stress

A Home Retreat

Stress is the elephant in the room but it is also a very elusive concept in the mind of most people. 
Nowadays most of us experience some form of stress at such a high frequency that our bodies cannot cope.
No matter how well we think we deal with it, it can creep in and affect all areas of our lives.
In this ever moving world we have built the urgency to keep going, and so we have conditioned ourselves to not register stress. Or, on occasion, we acknowledge it but we force ourselves to push through.
Our coping strategies differ, but in most cases, they are inadequate and even dysfunctional.
The result is that over time our capacity to effectively deal with stress minimizes.
This is particularly true for those of us that claim “I don’t feel stress”!
In this home retreat we will understand stress and learn to cope with it in a healthy way.

​We will:

  • define stress

  • talk about the different ways it can manifest and affect us

  • examine our own stress levels 

  • identify and become aware of situations that trigger our stress response

An then we will:

  • practice specific breathing techniques that support stress relief

  • participate in a targeted movement class specially designed to regulate our stress levels

This online retreat is suitable for anyone that wants to improve their sense of calm in the face of stressfull situations.

At the end there will be a Q&A so we can discuss any questions you have!

Hope to see you all there for an educational and relaxing experience!