The Integrative Approach is a truly holistic way of taking care of yourself. It focuses on exposing and exploring the link between physical discomfort and underlying psychological factors. This powerful fusion of therapy and healing movement ensures progress both on a physical and emotional level. It is much more than therapy or movement training separately. And it is for everyone!


How did it come to life?

The Integrative Approach was conceptualised many years ago when I started noticing a strong link between muscular tension and emotional events within myself. I soon realised that it was the same for my clients. In addition to the ill-effects of postural habits, unfavourable mechanics, injuries and sports, there was also a considerable amount of tension, restrictions and aches as a result of somatised stress. I decided to address it using a dynamic combination of therapy techniques and remedial movement. The results were astounding! My clients improved significantly and were more at ease with their bodies and life in general.

Since then, my sessions have transformed into a complete mind-body healing experience. Whilst some of my clients continue to come for their pilates workout with me, others come seeking a resolution to the true culprits that drive their issues. They come for The Integrative Approach!

What should you expect in a session?


The initial consultation will consist of gathering information about your personal history and identifying the main triggers that underline your concerns, both physical and emotional. It will be used as a guide that will shape our future work together. Each session will be unique and tailored to your needs. We will use a wide array of psychological and movement techniques to complement your journey and support the therapeutic experience. We will work in a safe space, filled with sensitivity and empathy, so we can discuss anything you wish to bring forward. With my in depth training and innovative method you are in expert hands to achieve your goals.


What are you waiting for? Experience the difference!

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