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Pamela of the Integrative Approach

Pamela Stathoulopoulou

My journey began with a scholarship from the University of Crete, Greece, to study Psychology, and continued in King's College London, where I obtained an MSc in War & Psychiatry (2009). My aspiration to help people of all walks of life led me to volunteer in various mental health organizations. I worked as an ABA tutor in a specialized school for children with autism and later on as a freelance ABA therapist, offering support at home and in school.

From an early age I explored different movement classes in a desire to keep my body fit and agile. Pilates stood out because it made me become aware of my body in a whole new way. Practicing regularly, I gained strength, flexibility and control. In 2012 I decided to pursue a teaching career, learning under Alan Herdman, who brought Pilates to the UK over 40 years ago. Since then I have been expanding my knowledge, studying with some of the biggest names in the field, and have been a proud teacher of the method.

After years of exploring the connection between body and mind, I decided to advance my academic studies in psychotherapy. Wanting to integrate my pre-existing education, I looked for a course that would expand my knowldge and offer me additional tools to support my clients. The Greek model of Integrative Psychotherapy, developed by Professor Ioannis Nestoros, was the answer. The model, winner of the Golden Award of Academic Excellence in the 54th World Congress of Integrative Medicine in 2016, is a collaboration with the European Institute of Integrative Psychotherapy, and looks at the person as a whole highlighting the importance of exercise, nutrition and sleeping habits.

In my work I utilise my skills as a psychologist to address my clients' issues more effectively. The dynamic incorporation of precise and mindful movement with elements of therapy have been at the core of my method. And so, The Integrative Approach was born!

The Integrative Approach was born out of love and respect for each individual that seeks to free themselves from stress and pain.

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